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I am running for re-election as Monument Trustee. I love this town, and so do my small children Dexter & Alice. This is our home, and I want to preserve the integrity and small town surroundings every day that I work for you!

I know why you purchased a home in Monument; the sense of community, the small town feel, the safety, cleanliness, the great police force, the values that seem to be missing from many larger cities across Colorado and the USA. 

Is the Monument in which you reside today as good or better than it was the day you moved here? Do more apartment buidings benefit your property values and quality of life? These are the questions we need to ask as we develop our town with residents in mind. 

I'm here for residents. I am not just here for the Monument of today. I am thinking about my children, your home values, your rights, and how to best protect those things for decades to come. That is why I am:

The Trustee who shut down a subsidized housing development on Beacon Lite Road and sent the developers packing...we do not need socialism in Monument. 

The Trustee who is most engaged in keeping the homeless out of Monument and not allowing urban camping withing town limits. 

The ONLY Trustee who is actively engaged in a host of organizations that protect your right to parent, your Second Amendment rights, and your right to spend your hard earned money before the government squanders it...organizations such as Moms for Liberty, Sunrise Republican Women, Pikes Peak Firearms, and Colorado Federation of Republican Women.

The only Trustee who regularly testifies on Pro-Second Amendment bills at the Colorado Capitol as a representative of Monument.


 Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or needs you may have in  Monument.

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Election Day 2022

November 8, 2022
Committee to Elect Darcy Schoening
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